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Haven't you found what you are looking for? Come and contact us. We are quite confident To satisfy your needs. Because we have ample experience and reliable network throughout Japan! We are a car exporter in Japan exporting brand new or second hand vehicles with high quality and reasonable price and always pleased to help you find your ideal vehicles. To give your customers full satisfaction, please choose PTI as your business partner.

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We are a car exporter providing brand new and second hand cars in high quality, at a reasonable price to all our customers in the world.
Please refer to our company information mentioned on this page to know more about us.
We really look forward to having a long-term business relationship with many customers.

Can answer any of your requests. Exporting a used vehicle from our broad purchasing network to offer you the most suitable unit. Consider our distinctive services mentioned here to help you choose the best second hand vehicle for you
Total of ordering procedun and palyment method and payment in the purchase of a new car and a used car.
Customization, parts, an article, etc. of a vehicle are set and it becomes Hitoshi's page.

New model & car life information Inquiry & order form  
It is a page about the information and car life of a new model.
The simple Web catalog is carried about new style vehicles.
Moreover, information utilizable in car lives, such as appropriation of the parts about the vehicle after a minor change and the method of customization, is carried.
It becomes the order form and inquiry form of a vehicle.
I am waiting for an inquiry of a vehicle and an inquiry of parts and an article freely.

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